ALTO helps engineering leaders improve software development processes of running remote-first engineering teams through timely, contextual and actionable insights.

ALTO, a platform that codifies, automates and communicates engineering best practices. Our vision is to empower tech leads and their teams to take proactive control of their activity.Build world-class tool for lead engineers to monitor their teams by offering a complete view on productivity metricsI need an one-stop platform that allows me to have a clear view on my engineering team activity without having to navigate across all the tools the team is using

Who benefits from ALTO?

CTOs, Lead Developers and Decision-Making engineers.

In any technology organization, there exists a team of lead engineers responsible for shaping processes, overseeing their teams, and making pivotal decisions regarding the tools and methodologies that optimize their team's performance.

These technical leaders require support in comprehending the nature of tasks their engineers are engaged in and closely monitoring the trajectory of their team's activities.

For them, we offer a comprehensive platform that combines data from various sources and presents it in a concise, digestible format. This empowers technical leaders to swiftly and easily assess their team's productivity and direction.


Engineers will be responsible for generating content by receiving our Slack notifications and taking action based on them.

We strive to provide them with an engaging experience that contributes to optimising their company's performance.


✨ Tech leads need a platform that provides a clear summary and engineers need a tool that encourage them to be more engaged and optimise their performance as a result.

🛠️ Engineers need a tool that encourage them to keep building great products

ALTO Proposition

🗣 ALTO is the first Developer Engagement Platform that integrates with GitHub, Gitlab, and JIRA to give engineering leads visibility into the day-to-day work of their dev teams and enable them to ship faster.


📌 Bring data from all your platforms to serve as summary tool

Tone of voice

🧏 Users as peers to be boosted and encouraged to contribute towards helping their teams to achieve their goals.

Brand value propositions

Automated reminders for pull and merge requests

Effortlessly manage your pull and merge requests by setting customisable reminders and real-time notifications, ensuring prompt and streamlined shipment processes.

Full visibility into your team performance

ALTO simplifies Merge Request analytics and feedback, offering a centralised platform for a comprehensive overview of your dev team's daily work. It integrates DORA metrics, eliminating the need to sift through excessive data and enabling you to prioritise important tasks.

Contextual onboarding in Slack

Contextual onboarding is crucial for ensuring a seamless developer experience and encouraging engagement with your team and organisation.

Automated feedback from your team in Slack

At ALTO, we will automate feedback so your team will get personal and team reminders to unblock the flow and stay on top of your working agreements.

Make your team work as an effective unit

Align your team’s ways of working and iteratively release working software that delivers value for both your organisation and users.

Clear picture on your team progress

Keep track of the initiatives your team is working on and ensure that everyone is on the same page and that progress is being made in the right direction. Promote a positive team culture where everyone is accountable for their work and identify potential issues early on and take corrective action.