Set your Ways of Working based on your historical data, not just relying on some generic "industry standard"

By analyzing your own historical data, you can gain valuable insights and set goals that are specific to your team's needs and capabilities. This approach allows you to tailor your goals to your unique circumstances, rather than blindly following what others in the industry are doing.

It is crucial to continuously improve your team's ways of working. Regularly assess your processes, tools, and methodologies to identify areas for optimization. This ongoing refinement will enable your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

With ALTO, you can now add Ways of Working that better fit your organisation. Additionally, ALTO provides notifications to help you stay on top of your team's activity.

More updates

  • Search functionality on the dashboard table to quickly identify the MR your team is working on.
  • You can subscribe to new alerts for new features we are constantly adding from our landing page.

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