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A product that helps engineering leaders improve software development processes of running remote-first engineering teams through timely, contextual and actionable insights.

Andorra — September 15, 2023

Brilliant Consulting announced the launch of ALTO, a platform that codifies, automates and communicates engineering best practices. ALTO provides a straightforward way to set up automated checks via use of pre-defined templates from a wide library of best practices. But then also helps collect vital metrics about your software development process in order to suggest actionable improvements to your process. The service is best suited for engineering teams that seek to improve their delivery process and ship reliable and secure software on time. ALTO is free for Open Source repositories and starts at $20/month per private repository.

Despite widely accepted idea of Continuous Delivery creating smooth and predictable software delivery process is hard. Pull requests are sitting long hours waiting for review and it feels embarrassing to remind everyone in a chat to review your PR. Deploying change to production takes more time than it should. It's hard to know which behavior to reward when you don't have key metrics defined. Even worse - wrong metrics can cause damage to the team.

ALTO has been created to help engineering leaders remove blindspots from software delivery process and promote Continuous Delivery best practices through:

  • Contextual Metric Setting. We want you to define what is important to you and ALTO will suggest metrics to track. Every team is different.
  • Library of Best Practices. Pick and choose automated check from predefined templates depending on what behavior you want to encourage.
  • Timely and Contextual Suggestions. When ALTO spots undesired behavior in a team it sends a private notification to an engineer suggesting ways to improve. ALTO helps your team to be more productive.
  • Codified "Ways of Working". Clearly communicate your expectations when it comes to Ways of Working.

"We're excited to launch ALTO during the unprecedented times when there's a global shortage of talent in software industry. Yet so many opportunities are available to grow your current engineering talent. This is an underserved audience right now and we are tackling this problem." said Alex Kurkin, CEO at Brilliant Consulting.